April 18, 2012

The great demoscene sourcecode giveaway

Something really interesting started happening a few days ago, when the well-known demoscene group Farbrausch released the source codes for most of their projects and tools, including the coveted Werkkzeug 3 demo-making tool, as well as their compression techniques and the V2 software synthesizer.

This extremely cool action seemed to trigger what can almost be described as “an avalanche of sources” because other demo groups and individuals started following their lead. Since this happened in various places online and in different shapes and forms, we decided that the best thing to do would be to simply collect all of them in a single post.

The source code packs

Below you can find links to the different source code packs as released by the various groups, plus links to example demos from each group. Enjoy!


Known for both 64k intros as well as demos, this German group has released the sources for their demo tool and many of their productions, including the now famous Kkrieger — the 96k 1st person shooter game.

Included productions: fr-013: flybye, fr-022: ein.schlag, fr-029: dopplerdefekt, fr-024: welcome to…, fr-030: candytron, fr-038: theta, fr-043: debris and kkrieger (beta)
Download: Github


Hungarian demo group known for their award and competition winning 64k intros. Included are the sources for two versions of their tool — aDDict and aDDict 2 (Advanced Digital Dynamite Intro Creation Tool).

Included productions: Project Genesis, A Place Called Universe and Chaos Theory.
Download: ZIP-archive


This Norwegian group is known for making demos, and have released the sources for their DX9 graphics engine as well as all demos made using that engine, including their sync tool called GNU Rocket, used to direct them.

Included productions: Scyphozoa, Regus Ademordna, Easter Guardians, Cortex Sous-Vide, GNU Rocket (tool) and more demos made with the same engine.
Download: Github


Memon of Moppi, the finnish demogroup known for very stylish and trip-hop-ish demos, released the sources for their tool Demopaja. The tool was used in such legendary demos as Gerbera and the Assembly 2004 invitation. Unfortunately, the ZIP-archive does not include the datafiles for these demos, so you won’t be able to poke around with those, but the tool itself is very nice.

Included productions: None, but ships with sample effects.
Download: Mikko’s blog

Andromeda Software Development

Navis of ASD also contributed to the source code giveaway. Now, this piece is perhaps less of a sourcecode giveaway and more of a piece of C code as directed by David Cronenberg. Either way you look at it, it is an interesting peek into the programming mind behind some of the most memorable demos of the last decade.

Included productions: Spin (well, sort of..)
Download: part_start_lines.cpp

Anti-virus false positives

Due to the nature of how demoscene productions often push the limits in terms of compression and algorithmic content, they tend to be flagged by anti-virus software (like Microsoft Security Essentials), but this is simply a false positive due to lack of whitelisting. All of the source code and executables linked to above are absolutely clean, we assure you.


About the author, Bent Stamnes

Bent is a technologist, demoscener, musician and a real-time graphics evangelist. He has spoken at several high-profile events and companies such as FMX, FITC, Assembly, the Bay Area Visual Effects Society, Pixar, ILM, Adobe and NVIDIA. He arranges the Solskogen demoscene event in Norway and lives just outside of Oslo with his wife and daughter. Sometimes, when the cold Norwegian winter rages on, he wishes he lived in California.

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