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Sculpting In ZBrush 101 – Part 2

Welcome back! In this part we will start sculpting a humanoid character using ZSpheres. ZSpheres is a very useful (and powerful) tool in that it offers you a super-fast and highly flexible way of getting starting the sculpting process (often the hardest part). This means that you don’t have to create a base mesh in […]


Sculpting In ZBrush 101 – Part 1

Hi and welcome to this series on sculpting in Pixologic ZBrush. In this series, we will investigate some of the game-changing techniques that have made ZBrush so popular among digital artists. First, a quick primer on what ZBrush is. ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting application (Autodesk Mudbox is another software package that offers […]


Superpacking JS demos

The techniques I’m going to be describing here were created and/or implemented to pack my entry to the Mozilla Demoparty: Magister. Huge thanks to my friend Nicolás Alvarez for helping squeeze every last byte out of this. Getting started So you have a demo in JS. It’s pretty. It’s perfect. It’s 3k in a 1k competition. Well, […]


Modelling in Maya 101 – Part 2

Welcome back! We created a character in part 1, using various 3D-modelling techniques inside of Maya (or your preferred modelling package). We now have our 3D-mesh and UV-layout ready to go, though our character looks kind of dull just with that default-gray Lambert-material in Maya. Colors anyone? In order to unleash your creativity and bring your […]


Generating Shaders on the Fly: Stitching

Some time ago, actually in 2009, we somehow managed to win the 4k intro competition at the annual Assembly Summer event. What we released was Muon Baryon. Perhaps, for those who are interested, a Making-of would follow later on; but for now I would like to concentrate not on the intro itself but a technology […]


Modelling in Maya 101 – Part 1

Hi and welcome to this series on modelling and texturing game characters. My name is Mathias and I am a modeller on the game “Evil Junior” currently under production by Illuminatics Gameware. I will be using Maya as my main tool in this series of tutorials, but the principles I’ll touch upon applies to all […]


GPU Based Texture Synthesis

I first experimented with texture generation in 2000. For a while I didn’t really get far because there weren’t too many resources on the topic – until I found an article written by Ile/Aardbei, which I still highly recommend to anyone new to the subject. The article you’re reading is meant to be a follow […]