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The great demoscene sourcecode giveaway

Something really interesting started happening a few days ago, when the well-known demoscene group Farbrausch released the source codes for most of their projects and tools, including the coveted Werkkzeug 3 demo-making tool, as well as their compression techniques and the V2 software synthesizer. This extremely cool action seemed to trigger what can almost be […]


GenShaders – Part 1

I recently embarked on a new experiment which I believe will be of particular interest to the Displayhack audience. I started with a fairly simple question: is it possible to use genetic algorithms to generate coherent, aesthetically pleasing textures? As the idea evolved in my mind and in conversations with friends, I decided to build […]

zsphere 06

Sculpting In ZBrush 101 – Part 2

Welcome back! In this part we will start sculpting a humanoid character using ZSpheres. ZSpheres is a very useful (and powerful) tool in that it offers you a super-fast and highly flexible way of getting starting the sculpting process (often the hardest part). This means that you don’t have to create a base mesh in […]


Sculpting In ZBrush 101 – Part 1

Hi and welcome to this series on sculpting in Pixologic ZBrush. In this series, we will investigate some of the game-changing techniques that have made ZBrush so popular among digital artists. First, a quick primer on what ZBrush is. ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting application (Autodesk Mudbox is another software package that offers […]


Superpacking JS demos

The techniques I’m going to be describing here were created and/or implemented to pack my entry to the Mozilla Demoparty: Magister. Huge thanks to my friend Nicolás Alvarez for helping squeeze every last byte out of this. Getting started So you have a demo in JS. It’s pretty. It’s perfect. It’s 3k in a 1k competition. Well, […]


Web demo goodies – August 2011

For this month’s roundup of things moving and shaking on the web, we’ll dip into the pool as well as reunite with our good old friend; the Cornell Box. Above: Evan Wallace has once again created a much talked about tech-demo called, with great efficiency: WebGL Water. The tech demo features raytracing, soft shadows, caustics […]


Modelling in Maya 101 – Part 2

Welcome back! We created a character in part 1, using various 3D-modelling techniques inside of Maya (or your preferred modelling package). We now have our 3D-mesh and UV-layout ready to go, though our character looks kind of dull just with that default-gray Lambert-material in Maya. Colors anyone? In order to unleash your creativity and bring your […]


Making-of: “The Lacquerer”

Hi, I’m Ollie “cosmic” Borgardts, and I am the creator of the animated short “The Lacquerer”. I’m going to do my best to make this an interesting and entertaining read, but I should probably say up front that I will go into detail on how the movie was made. I’ll also touch upon the creative […]


Node Code: Quartz Composer Overview (Part 1 Of Infinity)

This is going to be an ongoing column, concerned mostly with execution graph technology and Quartz Composer. I originally was going to write a piece about Quartz Composer, and attempt to cover basics and some uber-cool projects done with it. The reality is that the subject is way too broad to cover in one article. […]


Displayhack – what is it?

Hello there, and welcome to! So, what’s this site then? Well, there are two ways to describe it – one short, and one long. This is the short version: Displayhack is a site for everyone participating in or enjoying real-time graphics, visual arts, motion graphics and the demoscene. Often adduced as the reason or […]


Syncing your real-time graphics right

For me, as a musician and designer, the most exciting part of the visual aspects of making a demo is undoubtedly the direction, editing and synchronization with the music. The problem is of course that I’m not a coder. Enter GNU Rocket – the general purpose, ad-hoc tool that gives non-coders an intuitive interface to […]


Making-of: Numb Res

Begin It was easter. We made a new demo for The Gathering 2011.Yea, that’s right – in Norway, not in Germany. I really wanted to do a new demo because I’ve been collecting new routines all winter, and it was high time they got into the wild. So about 3 weeks before easter Jani and I […]