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GenShaders – Part 1

I recently embarked on a new experiment which I believe will be of particular interest to the Displayhack audience. I started with a fairly simple question: is it possible to use genetic algorithms to generate coherent, aesthetically pleasing textures? As the idea evolved in my mind and in conversations with friends, I decided to build […]


Superpacking JS demos

The techniques I’m going to be describing here were created and/or implemented to pack my entry to the Mozilla Demoparty: Magister. Huge thanks to my friend Nicolás Alvarez for helping squeeze every last byte out of this. Getting started So you have a demo in JS. It’s pretty. It’s perfect. It’s 3k in a 1k competition. Well, […]


Web demo goodies – August 2011

For this month’s roundup of things moving and shaking on the web, we’ll dip into the pool as well as reunite with our good old friend; the Cornell Box. Above: Evan Wallace has once again created a much talked about tech-demo called, with great efficiency: WebGL Water. The tech demo features raytracing, soft shadows, caustics […]


Web demo goodies – May 2011

For this month’s roundup of WebGL goodies, we have collected a bunch of amazing pieces of WebGL/JavaScript-art. The big news this month was of course the release of “Rome” by Google+friends. If you haven’t seen it already, grab a WebGL-enabled browser (such as Google Chrome) and take a look right now – it’s pretty damn […]